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EP073: Establishing Culture Within Team, Our Coaching Philosophy, Books That Changed Our Life and More in Q&A w/ Theo Bowie

It’s important to get insight from multiple angles when it comes to fitness business, coaching, and succeeding as a team in a small business. To talk more about that, I brought in Vigor Coach, Theo Bowie to help answer your questions on coaching, programming, mindset, business, the things that influence our lives, and everything in between.

Theo has been developing and growing within Vigor Ground for close to 6 years now. He has come a long way since he started withy us – from running our Strength Camp and Mobility programs, to contributing a lot on the content side of our business, and becoming an integral part of a special project that we will be launching later this year for fitness professionals; which I will be sharing with you soon.

In this episode we keep things real. We share our insights from two angles—coach and business owner—to give you insight on how teams function and what to look out for so you can build the most powerful and connected team possible within your gym or business. This episode is a must listen if you currently run a gym, or have aspirations to open one.


  • A good way to establish trust and culture within your team—on both sides of the coin
  • How we personally define fitness as individuals and how it influences our training and programming
  • An example of how to approach a training program of a long distance runner, and insight into coaching clients
  • The books that drastically influenced our lives, from philosophy to business
  • What I would do/how I would do it if I was starting a gym again
  • Insights on how to “re-start” anything including your diet and training program
  • How to improve retention and create a great experience for clients
  • How we started small group training at Vigor Ground and why we did it 
  • And a whole bunch more


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