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EP075: How A Manic Depressive, Anxious Fat Guy Transformed His Body, 10x His Business and Saved His Marriage

I met Paul Mort in a business mastermind almost a decade ago. At the time, he was a personal trainer running boot camps in England and had built it up to 17 locations. He was brilliant — but at the same time — crazy, and a roller coaster. Throughout the years we became close friends as I watched him build and sell companies, all while struggling personally with bi-polar disorder – which wrecked havoc on his health and family. This all came to a climax when in 2014 he was on the edge of a cliff ready to jump and take his own life.

What happens next is not only incredible, but also inspirational. As Paul took the step back, he made the decision to turn his life around in every way. He has since became unstoppable in the areas of business and fitness. He also saved his marriage and family.

Today he is off the lithium medication and helping other men turn their lives around. Paul came and visited me in Slovenia to hang out for three-days and we decided to shoot this podcast because his story is too powerful — and full of lessons that I believe will help others transform — not to.

Let’s go.


  • What stopped Paul from jumping off the cliff – and the question that could turn your life around
  • When you’re feeling down or depressed, the steps to change that “state” which helped Paul breakthrough
  • How to get out of the movie that you’re playing in your head by asking yourself THIS series of questions
  • Why things don’t turn out great when you start a sentence with, “I feel like…”, and what you should say instead
  • How to create avoid creating a strategy that ends up making you feel like crap
  • The happiness list and how to instantly improve your days
  • How to know when you’re being true to your vision of success as opposed to chasing someone else version of it
  • How to match up ‘what’s behind the scenes’ and what you’re actually putting up on stage
  • How Paul was able to scale his business with ONE marketing platform and build a million dollar businesses. He shares that platform
  • The most important lessons from email marketing and tips you can apply now

And so much more


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