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EP076: What We’d Tell Our Younger Selves As A Coach and Fitness Business Owner If We Could Go Back In Time

In this episode of the podcast I sit down with Vigor Coach, Theo Bowie to discuss the lessons we have learned and would tell our younger selves.

We dig into things from two perspectives:

  1. What we would tell ourselves if we were a young coach just coming into the industry who is looking to learn and grow personally and professionally.
  2. What we would tell ourselves if we were a fitness business owner starting with nothing but a vision who is looking to build something that will positively affect people locally and/or worldwide.

As a wise man once said, “Life’s too short to learn from just your own mistakes.” It’s important to learn from the mistakes and lessons of people that have been there, done that, and are still doing it. Then apply those lessons to your own life so that you don’t repeat them in your own life.

Don’t get it twisted – you will still have to put in a LOT of work and face struggle, obstacles, and failure(s). But this is the true definition of learning from mentors.

If you are a coach, business owner, entrepreneur or a part of a team, you will benefit greatly from the golden nuggets in this episode.

Let’s go.


  • How we scare interns to see if they’re really committed to interning at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance
  • One of the most important things Theo would change as a young coach to excel faster while also creating less stress
  • The difference between time management and work when you’re younger and when you’ve been at it for a while
  • The exercise that will make it very clear on how much time you’re wasting; and how much more time you could have for yourself, your family, and meaningful work just by doing it
  • The opportunities and perils of social media and how to navigate it to get what you want without falling into “the trap”
  • Money management 101 and what almost no one does that could build their financial health and wealth
  • The key thing you must avoid if you’re going to become a business owner of any kind
  • What truly makes you happy in life and how to create work and life mastery
  • Advice for young coaches to excel, create opportunities for themselves and build a career on integrity and connections

And so much more. We go deep in this episode.


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