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EP079: 5 Leadership Secrets From One Of The Worlds Greatest Teams To Help You Win In Life

I grew up watching my oldest brother play rugby – something he still does to this day. The current captain of the Slovenian National Rugby Team, he has become someone the sport respects.

Growing up I would watch rugby with him; which led to an infatuation with the New Zealand All-Blacks. There was something different about them. And I loved the Haka they did before their games… even though I didn’t know what it meant at the time.

Fast forward two decades to my current life. As a business owner, a friend recommended a book to me called “Legacy”. The book covers 15 leadership lessons from the All Blacks. In particular, how they overcame struggle and a failing team to build a culture of champions that leave a legacy.

I devoured the book. Going onto a mission to learn everything about how the team has become the most successful team sports franchise in history.

In today’s podcast I wanted to share 5 lessons of leadership from my studies. I have implemented these lessons in my own life – using them to help me change things around so that they serve my vision for my business and life. I am confident if you apply them to yours, they will help you turn things around in yours too.

Let’s go.


  • The topic I don’t think is taken seriously enough when it comes to business – despite being crucial to growth and longevity
  • How I found these leadership and success principles and why they resonated with me so much
  • A key value that highlights a success secret that most business owners forget
  • Why you should never be too big to do the little things
  • The analogy of the the spearhead and how it’s a belief system you must live by if you’re going to succeed as a team
  • The one philosophy that will separate you from your competition—for the rest of your life—and allow you to overcome any adversity
  • The “issue” that kicked off Bo Jackson’s career—that happens to be the same problem plaguing many entrepreneurs—and how he made the shift
  • The lesson you must learn to win in business and life
  • The one principle that is key to building a great team and overdelivering on results to clients – that will become the catalyst to you building an incredible network
  • The one reason you should do/be your best no matter where you are – even if leadership isn’t looking out for you


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