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EP081: How to Go From Being a Leadership Soloist to a Conductor to Transform Your Team, Business, and Life

Back when I was a personal trainer working with clients one-on-one I only had to rely on myself to get the job done. As long as I got results for my clients and hustled, everything worked out fine… until it didn’t. As my business grew, I started to collaborate with other trainers and build a team. It was a natural progression, but it forced me to take a look at how I was running things.

As I grew, it became increasingly evident that the behaviors I had built up weren’t cutting it anymore – slowing as opposed to facilitating my growth.

Essentially I was a soloist trying to play in a unified band – which never works when you’re working to build a championship team. With self-reflection I realized what I had to do. I needed to transform myself from the soloist, who’s shoes I had grown accustom to wearing, to a conductor focused on strengthen the team instead of the individual so that we could work together in unison.

Today I share five lessons I learned a result of that transformation. These lessons will teach you how to take yourself from a soloist to a conductor, when it comes to leadership, and will enable you to strengthen your team, business, relationships, and family.

Don’t learn through pain and mistakes. Listen to these lessons and save yourself the trouble of going through them.

Let’s go.


  • Why I threw myself into learning obsessively about leadership and team building by hiring mentors and going through courses
  • Why taking things slow will allow both you and your team to go further in the long-run
  • What you have to give up and commit to if you want to go from a soloist to a conductor
  • The difference between a hiker and a leader
  • My Tough Mudder experience and the mistake I made that you need to avoid if you want your business to be successful
  • What the “leadership dance” is and how to implement it in your business to help you do/be your best
  • The KEY to shifting your mindset that will ultimately become the catalyst to change your team(s) for the better
  • How to know if your team is ‘completing against’ or ‘working with’ one another
  • The reason your team is not working together, and the number one road block that stops teams from succeeding


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