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EP082: 10 Lessons On How To Influence and Persuade To Create Impact and Change

I have been a student of sales and persuasion for over a decade now. What led me down this path was a desire to be a better leader, coach and business owner – since sales and persuasion are crucial to all three.

The word “sales” often gets a bad rap. This is namely due to the common belief that “sales” = forcing someone to do something; which is an uncomfortable thought for most. In reality however we’re all persuading and influencing and selling every single day of our lives. Whether it’s to our significant other, kids, team, bosses, clients, we are always subconsciously influencing and persuading people.

Mastering the art of influence and persuasion (sales fall under that) is important because it allows you to make the impact that you are striving to make in the world. To put it bluntly: if you are serious about helping people, then you must study influence and persuasion. I dive into this topic in this episode – focusing on the 10 lessons that will help you influence others to create impact, and recognize when you’re being influenced.

Let’s go.


  • How you’re already being convinced before you ever make the decision and how to spot environments that are influencing you every day
  • The magic of the “privileged moment’ and how to take advantage of it to influence whoever you want
  • The trick people use to persuade you by shifting your focus and how you can stop them, and use it as a super-power in your own coaching
  • Why we pay most attention to sex, violence, and _________ and how this subconscious action is being used against us
  • How we associate with what’s around us and the steps to make your environment work for you
  • The method I apply to use my habitual nature against myself to positively change my life and that of my clients
  • Why you should avoid decisions based on popularity but use this tool for your own persuasive forces
  • The 3 steps to create lasting change (these alone are worth listening to this podcast to hear)
  • The six major methods of change and how to apply them in your daily life and business


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