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EP084: You Don’t Really Know Cardio, The Death Of Group Training As We Know It, And The Secret Training Sauce w/ Joel Jamieson

When it comes to energy systems training (AKA “cardio”) there are few people in the world who understand, teach, and coach it better than Joel Jamieson. Let’s put it this way, if Joel was a character in Game of Thrones, he’d be announced as “The shield that protects the realms of conditioning” – which is why I brought him back on the podcast for a second time.

This episode is full of mind blowing insight that crushes common belief systems surrounding cardio with science-based truth. You’ll discovery everything from why good cardio is more important than strength, and how it can help you be less stressed, more productive and a nicer human. Joel also dives into how/why the current gym cardio models are doing more harm than good, and a tactic that will help you live 10% longer.

This episode has a lot of knowledge bombs in it. So, if you want to change your mindset, training and results for the better, you don’t want to miss this one.

Let’s go.


  • The biggest misconception about energy systems training. 
  • The difference between what an average gym goer thinks “cardio” and being “fit” is verses what it REALLY is, and how to achieve it.
  • Is cardio really more important than strength training? Joel answers this and you’ll be surprised by the answer.
  • A training style that helps people live a whole 10% longer, and why you MUST do this type of training.
  • How cardio can play a big role in keeping you less sick, more productive, less stressed, and generally a nicer human being.
  • Why the Tabata study had it all wrong, and what the best approach to constantly improving your fitness actually is.
  • The answer to this question: Can a person who does a high intensity group training program four-days a week (or more) NOT hit a wall and get crushed, and stop getting results?
  • Luka and Joel’s thoughts on Crossfit, OrangeTheory, F45 and other high intensity group training programs, and what these training methods are doing to people. 
  • What the IDEAL group training program looks like, and how we can take the next steps to better programming and coaching in group training.
  • The two things that will be built into the gyms of the future.
  • The role “fun” actually plays in fitness.
  • Why cardio is important when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. The answer is not what you think.
  • Where wearable technology is going, and whether or not you should give it any importance. 
  • Why every coach should understand, know how to explain, and program energy system training in for their clients to ensure that they get the best results, no matter their goal.


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