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EP087: Achieving the Impossible & Challenging Your Limits of Peak Performance, Potential and Experience with Matt Dawson

I met Matt Dawson through a mutual friend and it didn’t take me long to realize that we were cut from the same cloth. Like me, Matt is trying to achieve a goal that some would deem “crazy”. And I knew I needed to get him on the podcast to talk about it.

Matt’s journey started much like my own – as an athlete. Following his athletic career, he then entered the fast-paced world of investment banking – where he worked 80-100 hour work weeks and created a lot of success for himself. But life, as it so often does, threw him some curve balls which led him to discovering his purpose and the creation of two endeavours: the Dawson’s Peak Organization, and Project Seven for Soldiers; when he will attempt to break seven world records with all proceeds going to charity.

Matt’s goal is both simple and inspiring: to make a positive impact on others. In this episode of the podcast we talk about how taking on your own personal challenges can help you create the best version of yourself; while elevating those around you. This is an inspiring and impactful episode that is a must to listen to if you want to get fired up about achieving the peak of your performance.

With that said, let’s go.


  • What led Dawson’s from sports to investment banking – where he became a high performer 
  • Why despite Matt’s success as an investment banker, he felt something was missing in his life – which led him to find purpose
  • What made Matt decide at the age of 37 to take on the challenge of breaking world records in mountaineering, along with some other wild records
  • What purpose means to Matt and what he believes you should do as an individual and as a business
  • Creating Dawsons Peak and inspiring transformations through pushing the boundaries of human capability
  • The personal mountain you must climb to achieve a transformation in your life. We talk about the limits that we impose on ourself, our goals and dreams, and how to break through them
  • The importance of creating social impact aside from profits (or making money) in your life
  • How you redirect your fears to make you as successful as possible
  • What you can and can’t control and how to drop your stress and anxieties so that you can achieve the impossible
  • Why the hardest thing for most is to sit quietly with themselves and why the mountains and adventure can help you be alone and discover yourself
  • Traveling and how it changes you from the inside out (ie. giving up control and working on things you can control)
  • Why as a society we’ve become too comfortable and how we can truly feel our best when we’re pushing and challenging ourselves
  • What “Bathing in the fire” and “Getting the evil out of me” mean and how it can help you become your best
  • And so much more. This episode is true gold.


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