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EP089: From Overcoming an Eating Disorder to Helping Thousands Take Control of Their Body through Online Coaching w/ Kelsey Heenan

Kelsey Heenan and her husband Dennis are amazing humans. I met them over a year ago, and was so happy that they were able to present at this year’s Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit.

At the Summit, I got the chance to learn more about Kelsey’s story, and how it led her to the work she now does with HIITBURN. We talk about it in this episode, but Kelsey went from being a college athlete, to a serious eating disorder—which she overcame, and discusses in this episode—to becoming a teacher, to now helping people take control of their body through the online coaching work she does with HIITBURN – the business she started with her husband Dennis.

HIITBURN has since evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. It helps thousands and thousands of people globally reach their goals with a series of different coaching programs that are designed and led by Kelsey and Dennis.

We talk about everything from how to recognize an eating disorder—or disordered eating—and how to address it. To what led Kelsey to online coaching—in particular, how they got started and all the obstacles they overcame—and how to develop your own voice, build your brand, and a whole lot more.

This is a must listen to podcast if you’re looking to transform your body and/or build your business and brand.

Let’s go.


  • Kelsey’s dedication to basketball and how her focus on being the best athlete led to an eating disorder
  • The crucial conversations that led Kelsey into getting help and how she overcame the eating disorder
  • The catalyst that got Kelsey into coaching and the steps her and Dennis took to be able to grow their online business
  • Why a good relationship with food is key before getting into too much X’s and O’s and what diet is best
  • The KEY to unraveling your voice to help you create your own brand online 
  • How to find out what content you should create to increase your audience and engagement 
  • Kelsey’s top 3 insights on building a successful online coaching business that stands the test of time
  • The best way to get results in advance and have prospects wanting to work with you and join your program
  • If you’re running a challenge, what type should it be and what you NEED to know before you start it
  • The reason many programs won’t stand the test of time and become a successful online business, and how to keep it from happening to you
  • What Kelsey does to stay in great shape (it’s less training than you’d think)


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