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EP09: How I Ended Up Achieving More By Doing Less – The ONE Thing

Do you find yourself having too much on your plate and are you feeling overwhelmed by it? If you believe that you are not good at multi-tasking and need to get better at it, I’d have you consider the possibility of doing the exact opposite.

What I mean is doing more of less.

Despite the fact that I read books about multi-tasking and it’s skill that we teach our clients here at Vigor (with great success) I always thought that I had it all figured out – and could get away with doing a lot of things at once. Until I couldn’t. And so life forced me to look at the alternatives and really start working on the concept of “the one thing.”  Once I really committed to implementing this in different areas of my life I could see why it was so powerful and effective.


  • Why the majority of people fail when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, or any other life-changing commitment when they do not follow this simple guideline
  • The truth about how much you will achieve if you take on too much (the stats don’t lie)
  • What a “keystone habit” is and why it can be the key to changing your results when it comes to your body transformation (or any other important lifestyle shift you want to make)
  • How changing just one thing every 2-3 weeks can be the missing link in your strategy – it’s not overwhelming and yet very effective, especially if you’ve been struggling with change
  • What my morning ritual is and how it buys me extra time and focus throughout my day, while putting me in a place of power… I only invest 30 minutes into it
  • Finding your most effective time to work and how this can prevent you from spinning your wheels and being frustrated with having “brain freeze”
  • The one thing I did to improve nutrition and get hours more study time every week – and how you can create a similar shift for yourself
  • The secret strategy I used to make sure money gets saved and compounded and not used up just “because it’s there”
  • How accountability can bring all these actions to life and enhance any commitment that you make


BookThe Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business (Charles Duhig)
BookLoving What Is: The Four Questions That Can Change Your Life (Byron Katie)
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