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EP090: How to Turn Your Passion for Health and Fitness into a Powerful Purpose and a Wildly Successful Career w/ John Berardi

Dr. John Berardi co-created the number one nutrition coaching program and certification in the world, Precision Nutrition. He is responsible for shifting the fitness industry’s perception of nutrition coaching, and is the reason many coaches are better equipped to help their clients succeed.

I’ve been fortunate to call John a friend and mentor for over a decade. I watched him take Precision Nutrition from an idea to an industry leader, and learned so many things from him along the way. The majority of Precision Nutrition was sold not long ago for $200 million. After the sale, JB turned his sights to helping others in the industry that gave him so much – which led to writing of his new book, “Change Maker” and the launch of the Change Maker Academy.

This podcast was recorded during my my fireside conversation with John at the Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit this past September. We went deep into his thoughts on…

1. The fitness industry, how it has changed—and continues to—and the things new coaches MUST think about to become successful

2. The fast track to success and how to get on it. (John shares his tips for coaches who have been in the industry for a while and are having a hard time navigating this confusing time)

3. The 3 most important things you have to figure out before copying others “success” – that few people do

4. John’s “squint the eyes” strategy to figuring out the principles of success, and why he uses it

5. The best marketing principles wrapped out into 3-steps – the Tripod Marketing Model 

6. A powerful method to get constructive feedback and why nothing worth doing can be done alone

7. How to build a great content machine like Precision Nutrition and why you shouldn’t

8. Why coaches should be paid more appropriately for the important work that they/we do, and how to change it so that they/we are

9. Why teaching business and entrepreneurship is NOT the best thing to do for coaches 

10. What lane should you be in when it comes to your career and why this is the FIRST decision you must make

11. Having an origin story, and why having one is foundational to your career—in fitness and anything

12. The “Sports Bracket Strategy” to deciding priorities and which one wins

13. The T-shaped model of skillsets you must develop to become the best at your craft

14. And SO much more…


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