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EP091: A Little about the “What” and a Lot about the “How” of Results-Based Nutrition Coaching

We live in a time when there’s more information than ever on nutrition and fitness readily available at our fingertips. Despite that, obesity rates are on the rise and overall health is declining.

If you’re interested to learn about nutrition for transforming your body—or an individual you are coaching—you could go online and study the many reputable sources available and know just about everything about it in as little as 2 weeks. I’m talking about the calories to eat for certain goals, the macro breakdowns, the foods that make sense and align with your goals, etc.

Sure, you may say there’s more to it than that. But in that time you would know more than enough about “what” is needed to achieve your desired transformation results. Where things get fuzzy is in the “how”. This goes for coaching too.

To help you crack the code, the focus of this episode—and the next couple ones—is going to be the “how” of nutrition coaching. In particular, HOW to get people to move the needle and eat their “what” more frequently and consistently.

While this episode may talk to the coach, it’s very powerful for anyone looking to make a change in their lifestyle and nutrition in general. So if you’re interested in nutrition, and want to learn how to crack the “how” code, this is the episode that will help you get results for yourself and your clients.

Let’s go.


  • Some of the most common “what’s” when it comes to nutrition, that you may already know, but probably don’t do
  • Why some people continue to look deeper into the “what” of nutrition to get better results when the answer actually lies in the “why” and “how”
  • The 6-steps of results-based coaching and why things aren’t as easy as 1,2,3
  • How to gather the right data and “build a story” around the client – the missing piece in any successful long-term transformation 
  • “As a _____, I want to ______ so that I can ______.” Why this is a template to help you find out what a client wants most right now, and why knowing the blanks in this statement is crucial when helping anyone achieve results
  • How to build a next step for each individual client into the plan and avoid a common mistake that almost everyone makes
  • Why there are no “should’s” in nutrition coaching, only “what is” and the reason you should use OBDM (I tell you what this is in this episode)
  • The missing key to finding expectations and trade off’s and how it can eliminate a lot of roadblocks to keep things moving ahead
  • The 4-step process to move clients from thinking about outcomes/end results, to the behaviors that will lead them to their goals
  • Why identifying small wins and bright spots is SO important and how rigid plans can lead to short and long-term failure 
  • The A-B-C list and how discovering limiting factors takes away the stress of changing nutrition
  • Figuring out the RIGHT type of action for you 

And so much more.


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