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EP093: Program Design Secrets, Joint-Friendly Training and Building Muscle at Any Age w/ Bret Contreras & Jay Ferruggia

Recently I was down in San Diego for an event my friend Craig Ballantyne was putting one. While there Jay Ferruggia and I decided to take the opportunity to visit the famous Glute Lab to train with our friend Bret Contreras. AKA “The Glute Guy.” Apart from a great training session, we got to talking about training, which led to this podcast episode.

In it you’ll get some powerful insights on program design, joint-friendly training, building muscle (at any age) and how to stay in the game forever – along with some industry secrets, and much much more.

The three of us have a combined 60 years of coaching experience under our belts, and have been training personally for 25 years or more years (each). This hour of power is a look into what works in the real world, and why we were wrong about some things that we only learned through decades of experience coaching clients.

This is a “must listen” episode if you’re a coach.

Let’s go.


  • The big mistakes most people make when programming for building muscle and why you will fail if you do this
  • Why you’re doing too much and not doing it well enough
  • Why talking smack about machines was mistake and why we love machines and how to use them
  • Why joint-friendly training is the solution for long-term strength, muscle, performance, and feeling great
  • The exact model Bret uses to get people results month in and month out, for the long haul (steal it!)
  • Jay’s secret on sequencing exercises and why NOT to start the day with the big lifts – this is a game changer when you implement it
  • How I cycle bilateral and unilateral exercises as main exercises, rotate joint-friendly lifts, and change the reps of my PR’s to constantly improve 
  • What should you focus on the most: Intensity, Volume, Frequency?
  • The ideal training splits for most people and the break down of what has been the “bread n’ butter” in getting results for our clients us for decades
  • The key to longevity in the fitness game as coach. We share our wisdom from decades of work and many mistakes

And much more.


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