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EP094: How to Improve and Structure Your Training Programs through the Lens of R7 | Program Design Part 2

I’ve spent the last two decades studying with the best of the best to learn how to get the best results (through training) for myself and my clients. A standout lesson in my years of training and experimentation came from Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman. These two very smart men gave me a structure that simplified what to include in each session, along with a lens to view my programs through to ensure that I’m getting the best results for my clients, and myself. Their method has since became the framework for how we write most of our training programs here at Vigor Ground for both our personal and group training clients.

In this episode I break down each “R” of the R7 system and the principles and science behind it. I also go into what it looks like in the real world of exercises and programs.

This is a must listen if you train clients.

Let’s go.


  • Why most people are living on the “fight or flight” part of the spectrum of their nervous system, when they should instead address the first two “R’s” in their program to ensure that they’re getting the best results out of their training
  • Why people can foam roll and warm up too much and then not get the results from training
  • What “Release” is and how it can be a huge factor in feeling better and performing better in your training
  • The R7 protocol and how it creates a flow of the training session from low intensity to high intensity to recovery
  • How to decrease stiffness and pain and improve mobility. I give you the specific strategy
  • How to improve biomechanics position and autonomic balance
  • Why if you have to foam roll everything you’re doing it WRONG, and why this is a tell tale sign that you need to check your program!
  • How to restore position, balance inhalation vs exhalation, improve mobility with two exercises in the “Reset” stage
  • The most powerful reset you have in your arsenal is high quality exercise technique and program design
  • The three-step process to warm up in your “Readiness” stage
  • The warm up that sets the stage for your entire workout, and how to make it a priority in your training sessions
  • Why everyone should do reactive/power work, whether in private, semi-private, or groups – from pro athletes to 70-year olds
  • Programming from the neural to the metabolic spectrum and how to use it in your programs

And much, much, more.


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