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EP097: The Sleep Coach’s Strategies to Supercharge Your Results and Transform Your Body and Life w/ Nick Lambe

Years ago I crashed and burned. The cause of my burnout was a decade of working like crazy and not sleeping enough… to the tune of 3-4 hours a night. This led me to go to the doctor and get tests done. The results of those tests led me to overhaul my health and prioritize sleep. I’ve done a podcast on sleep before, but when I heard Nick Lambe’s talk at an event we were both speaking at, I knew I needed to bring him on the show.

Nick spends the most of his time coaching clients on how to fix their sleep patterns. Sleep—more specifically, getting enough sleep—is an important topic that, for many of you, may be the single most important thing you can do to help your health, wellness, performance, and happiness in 2020.

In this episode Nick and I talk about the real world ways you can help improve sleep, the real dangers of not sleeping enough, as well as the practical tactics and strategies that Nick uses to get results for his clients. We also talk about how coaches can (and should) educate themselves on the importance of sleep. In particular, how to help improve the sleep patterns of their clients.

This episode will give you strategies that will not only benefit your life, but also help you get better results, and become more valuable to your clients.

Let’s go.


  • How Nick, a strength and conditioning coach, became a sleep coach.
  • How improving your sleep will improve every area of your life and make you a better and nicer person.
  • How to know if you’re putting enough emphasis on sleep.
  • Why most chronic sleep issues are behavioural, but can start with a life event such as an injury, new career or stress. We discuss how to overcome the issue so that it doesn’t become a pattern.
  • How thoughts can affect your sleep and create a vicious cycle of insomnia.
  • Why people are affected by sleep and the practical lessons you can apply to your life to change bad sleep patterns into good ones. We give some powerful real world examples which you will be able to apply to your life.
  • Why sleep MUST be coached to clients and not just given to them as a “sleep hygiene” list.
  • Why what you associate your bedroom with is critical for quality sleep. Learn the “2S” acronym that is the only thing you should be using it for.
  • Blue screens aren’t as bad as we think. Nick shares what you should really focus on.
  • The 3 big reasons you should get rid of your sleeping pills now!
  • Powerful and practical insights that can improve your sleep fast.

And much more.


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