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EP100: A Man’s Guide to Living More Powerfully, Purposefully, and Fulfilled w/ Mike Desanti & Steve Krebs

I have been friends with Mike and Steve for years. Mike being one of my closest, and Steve a close friend and business partner for over a decade. We’ve all been through a lot in our lives – messing things up big time, and learning the hard way. Thankfully we continued to take the lessons, ask for help, and dedicate ourselves to improving and growing. So much so that we’ve made coaching others to a better place—whether in fitness, business, or life—part of our careers.

The conversation I wanted to have with these men was one of how to navigate the current world for men, and live a powerful, purposeful and fulfilled life in every way. It just so happens that Mike’s book “New Man Emerging” came out not long ago and it’s dives heavily into that exact topic – which opened up the conversation to not only our thoughts and experiences surrounding the subject, but also the book and how it guide’s men to improving every area of their life.

In this episode—which also happens to be our 100th—we share our stories, insights, mess ups, and the wisdom we have learned as a result of them to help you overcome the struggles you may be facing in your life.

Let’s go.


  • What made Mike get up in the middle of the night and start writing a book about men living a powerful, purposeful and fulfilled life.
  • What it means to be a powerful man in today’s world.
  • The key to shifting just about everything in your life, and how to take the first step to make that shift.
  • Why pain shared is pain divided and happiness shared is happiness multiplied, and why we must share to connect.
  • Why being powerful is NOT being forceful. We discuss the difference.
  • Why communication is a catalyst to being powerful and influencing
  • yourself, your partner, family, teams and community.
  • Why all the things in life don’t mean [email protected]*t without relationships, and how important it is to recognize this.
  • Why deliberate practice and building a skillset in THESE areas is crucial to your success.
  • Why having the right tribe is essential (not a “good to have”) when it comes to a purposeful and fulfilled life.
  • How to re-shape the narrative of being successful in your career and believing it will carry over to other areas of life (don’t be defined just by what you produce)
  • The reason working harder may not be the solution.
  • No one is successful on their own and the reason why the “self-made man” mindset is killing your relationships, career, and your health.
  • How the industrial revolution changed the way families operate and why we must find a way back to better connections and conversations.
  • How to know if you’re holding yourself back because of the fear of judgements from others and how to change it.
  • Why you should “Collect role models” to get a pathway to becoming the man you want to be.
  • If your narrative is that relationships don’t work, and people leave,
  • then your behaviors will match that.

And much, much more. This is a full on episode.


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