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EP101: Netflix Nutrition Documentaries, Anti-Inflammation Diets, Coaching Nutrition and Biz Success Insights Q&A

Is your life Groundhog Day? Well it might be the secret to your nutrition success. In this episode I answer your questions about nutrition. I also share my coaching method and tips for how to answer clients questions surrounding things like Netflix nutrition documentaries, anti-inflammation diets, what’s best and how to succeed in a big box coaching environment.

Tune in as I dive deep into these subjects and give useful coaching and communication principles. I also deliver some deep food for thought to help you address yourself and biases you may not even know that you have.

Let’s go.


  • The 3 things ALL successful athletes, entrepreneurs, and straight up winners, focus on, and what you MUST focus on to achieve your goals.
  • Why your days are probably not inspiring on the daily and look more like Groundhog Day; and why that’s a GREAT thing.
  • What to do when a client comes to you with advice from a Netflix documentary or a friend and wants to change their diet against your advice.
  • What to say and the questions to ask to turn any crucial conversation on nutrition with your clients around. 
  • The weakness that you have to drop if you’re going to become the greatest coach you can be.
  • Anti-inflammatory diets and what you really need to focus on first. I break down the 3 levels of importance including some supplements that help.
  • The biggest mistake you’re making as a coach and how to fix it.
  • Methods to get clients to add and subtract calories throughout their day without overwhelm.
  • How to differentiate yourself as a coach and grow your business in a big box gym or as an independent contractor.
  • I’m also dive into details surrounding a special promotion that I’m running to celebrate passing my own 100th episode milestone. In honor I’m giving away some awesome books, supplements, and other goodies.


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