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EP102: Why You Should Train Your Tendons, the Best Training Split, 6 Steps to Great Communication

Back with another Q & A episode where I cover some things in more detail while also doing some rapid fire answers that are practical and tactical. I go over everything from the importance of training tendons, and how it transfers to being more bulletproof, to improving performance from strength to speed and agility. I also share my favorite training splits, discuss whether conjugate training is good for beginners, my thoughts on intermittent fasting, whether you should train cardio more, and an approach to improve your communication. I dig into many questions and give some insights that will hopefully help you improve your training, business, and life.

Let’s go.


  • Why training tendons is not just a nice thing to add but rather a must if you want to be more protected from injury and improve your overall performance.
  • The 3 ways I add tendon training into programs and the exercises you can use to work yours.
  • The best ways to train mobility and flexibility when you strength training and do other activities.
  • How you know when to apply specific exercises over others. My 3-step thought process.
  • Intermittent fasting, how and when to use it, and when to pull it out of the toolbox (for yourself and your clients).
  • Conjugate periodization, whether or not it’s good for a beginner lifter, and how to apply it.
  • A 6-step process to improve you communication and get better results with your clients, team, your partners, and in your relationships.
  • An insight to get you fired up during these crazy times and why you should get (and be) excited.


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