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EP103: Lessons On Overcoming Adversity, Leadership, And Creating Success From Coach to Coach w/ Martin Rooney

It’s the third (and definitely not the last) time that Martin Rooney will be on the show. Martin never disappoints. With his decades of experience in the industry he shares wisdom on everything from how to navigate difficult times and show up as a leader, to turning adversity into triumph, tactics and strategies to be productive and come out on top, and the many many lessons found in his new (must read!) book, Coach to Coach. We also talk about the most important aspect we should all be focusing on right now: connection – whether it be business or personal.

Let’s go.


  1. The most important question being pressed into our homes is “revealing”
  2. The weaknesses this experience is revealing about our financial situations, careers, family, relationships, health, daily routines and disciplines
  3. The two factors that control whether you’ll be stressed, anxious, and stuck in the same place or go backwards
  4. How the magnifying glass that has been put on upon us can create awareness that is a catalyst to change
  5. The analogy of the caterpillar and the butterfly and why you can’t succeed without the struggle
  6. The 3 P’s we use to develop confidence and specific examples of how you can build yours
  7. Why you’re not dreaming big enough and what we think about the law of attraction (is it all BS?!)
  8. What Martin believes has been the most productive thing in his life and how you may be missing it in yours
  9. During crisis you don’t get to build culture, but you can start now building it for the next time
  10. The one “C” that is the foundation of everything whether personal or business and how/why it will stand the test of time no matter what happens with technology
  11. What to watch when you’re having a down day and want to get fired up in the morning
  12. The principles and foundations of world class coaching and how to light a fire in your belly for this incredible vocation

And much, much more.


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