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EP104: Principles of Coaching & Career Success, Skillsets You Need for the Future w/ Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey is the world’s leading expert on sports performance, especially in the baseball realm. He is one of the most trusted and recognized strength coaches in the industry. He also recently became the New York Yankees Director of Player Health and Performance. I met Eric Cressey close to 15 years ago when I traveled to Birmingham, England to attend a seminar he was speaking at. That talk inspired me devour every article he wrote for T-Nation, and elsewhere. I also bought every product he created, studying it countless times over, and travelled to his first CSP location to learn from the best: him.

Over the last decade and a half Eric has become a close friends. He is someone I continue to learn from. He is also someone I believe all coaches should look to as a role model when it comes to setting the highest standards of operating in this industry.

This one’s a must if you’re a coach, or an aspiring one. Eric and I talk about everything from the principles of coaching and career success, to the skillsets that are a must if you want to build a successful career in the industry moving into the future.

Let’s go.


  1. The one principle of success that isn’t shared enough and yet is a key in achieving anything worthwhile
  2. Why the foundations and basics in training and understanding the body are still so important when it comes to being a great coach
  3. My story about meeting Eric and following him as a role model in his dedication to his expertise and the details, and what you can learn from it
  4. How having tools to prevent you from looking bad is driving mediocrity and what it takes to stand out in today’s marketplace
  5. What Eric learned from training around some of the strongest people in the world
  6. Eric’s insights on how to get around the best in the industry and speed up your career; he believes it’s easier than ever
  7. The upside’s of social media and how to connect with your role models and get mentorships and internships
  8. Why you can’t say you didn’t have the resources to become a great coach in 2020 and examples of how to gain incredible amounts of knowledge for free
  9. The 4 ways to break through the white noise and stand out in the industry when going onto media platforms and creating content
  10. How to get your foot in the door with the “right” people that can accelerate getting yourself out there
  11. The must skill-sets to build and have in the future to be able to get your name out there and get more people to discover you
  12. Why writing well is STILL a competitive advantage and fewer and fewer coaches do it at a high enough level, here is how to get ahead
  13. Why if you’re an entrepreneur you should re-consider complaining about not getting government help and what you should be focusing on instead
  14. Insights on what Eric is doing with the New York Yankees to help everyone collaborate and improve as a team

And so much more.


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