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EP108: The Personal Daily Habits and Mindset That Drive Individual, Team, and Business Success w/ Andy McCloy

Andy McCloy is a close friend and owner of BCI Sports Performance and Fitness in Madison, Alabama. Over the last 19 years BCI has helped hundreds of athletes receive scholarships and realize their dreams. BCI works with a wide ranging population of youth athletes from 7 years old to professional level. Andy has worked with athletes in all professional sports, high level executives and elite military operators. He is focused on paying forward the lessons he has learned in his over 19 years in the business. Today, he now helps sports performance business owners develop a business and lifestyle systems that allows them to have more freedom and profit—while becoming a small giant in their community.

Andy and I talk about the principles and daily habits he has developed and coaches to create individual, team, personal life and business success. We also dive into the foundations that you cannot do without if you want to achieve greatness in this industry.

Let’s go.


  • How Andy is handling the COVID-19 crisis personally and what he has implemented that will create positive addictions moving forward.
  • Why physical capacity, and having daily habits to develop it, is a key aspect in personal, family and business success.
  • How Andy got into the best shape of his life after his bi-lateral hip replacement.
  • The reason you should be doing a lot more aerobic cardio and how it will help you reach every fitness goal.
  • The habits that we’ve both added daily to improve mindfulness, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase our problem solving capabilities.
  • Why Andy is focused on recovery modalities.
  • The importance of community and social connection and why it will help keep you in-check and accountable to integrity and growth.
  • How are you dealing with loneliness in your life? And why your answer to this is key to your health, happiness, immunity and productivity.
  • The 3 layers of connection you need in your life to be the greatest person and leader and how most people are missing 1-2 of them.
  • The “Well Analogy” Andy gives that is a key of being a servant leader.
  • How you can get daily mentorship every day from the greatest people in your industry.
  • 3 books Andy recommends in challenging times to help you retain power and focus.
  • An unconventional strategy that Andy uses daily to shift his mental state and help him change his mood, focus, and productivity.
  • How much time you should dedicate to improving your craft and the mindset behind becoming successful in your industry.
  • Why it’s not about time management, but about managing ourselves. Andy shares his tips for becoming more productive.
  • If you’re a coach, why it’s important to study business and marketing. Andy shares his insights.
  • The question that forces you to check in with yourself and see if you’re doing work that moves you forward.
  • The magic combo that drives brick and mortar business and why you can’t just do one thing.
  • Practical tips to become a leader in the community, connect with people, and market at the same time.
  • Why organizational health is key to any business. We discuss what that means and how to do it.
  • The 3 key business principles to building a gym that stands the test of time.


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