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EP109: How to Build Self Efficacy, Big Ass Salads, and the Truth about Creating a Successful Online Fitness Business w/ Jordan Syatt

Jordan Syatt is a strength and a nutrition wizard. While many may know him as Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainer, strength and nutrition coach, he’s been in the game for a long time. Jordan’s rap sheet is impressive. He’s a 5x world record setting powerlifter, has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Behavior Science—with a focus on Strength & Conditioning—and has helped countless clients online improve body composition, strength and athletic performance.

Jordan has a way of communicating and storytelling that simplifies training and nutrition; which helps people take action because it’s not overwhelming. Today, he’s helps other fit pro’s build successful online businesses.

In this episode of the podcast, Jordan and I talk about everything from how to help people achieve the best results, what matters and what doesn’t. We also dive deep into the truths and myths of what it takes to build a successful online business.

Let’s go.


  • Jordan’s story of how he started in fitness and got the right mentors who helped guide and develop is career
  • How a client named Fred made Jordan see that there’s so much more that clients are looking to achieve than just looking better naked.
  • What interning and working at a physical therapy clinic taught Jordan and one important piece of advice for every coach.
  • Why a degree in Health and Behavior Science made a lot more sense rather than Exercise Science, and what Jordan thinks about going to college.
  • The one commandment that MUST be met for any clients long-term results.
  • The difference between self-efficacy and self confidence, what behavior change teaches us and why we need it.
  • What you need to measure to determine whether your clients will succeed, and our tips to help them get to this marker.
  • Why there’s no way you’ll be a great coach online if you haven’t done enough offline coaching.
  • The analogy of debits and credits in the self esteem bank account and giving clients the RIGHT thing for growth.
  • The 3 strategies that will always work better than just “telling” people what to do.
  • Why Jordan thinks eating a big ass salad every day might be a key in changing your nutrition habits.
  • What Jordan would do if he was starting with online coaching from scratch right now (it’s NOT what most “guru’s” are saying!)
  • Why you should outline exactly what your coaching program will do and what people will get, listen to Jordan take you through it step by step.
  • The number one reason why you shouldn’t try to build a lower end, scalable monthly membership as the foundation of your online business.
  • The BIG mistake coaches are making by thinking “no one has an attention span” and because of it not doing long form content.
  • Why you shouldn’t spend all your energy on Instagram and what you should do instead.
  • Jordan throws a massive curve ball and shares why you shouldn’t do what MOST online coaches are spending the most time doing.
  • How to earn the right to get paid.
  • What Jordan thinks will happen in the industry moving forward and what it takes to become successful.

And much, much more.


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