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EP112: Business & Mindset Wisdom from 20 Years of Coaching & Gym Ownership w/ Alwyn Cosgrove

I’ve known Alwyn Cosgrove for close to 13 years, after meeting him while attending one of his mentorship programs. Alwyn has been a big influence in my development as a gym owner and is considered an O.G. in both coaching and gym ownership. A couple of weeks ago he and his wife (and business partner) Rachel celebrated the 20 year anniversary of Results Fitness.

Alwyn is a sought after expert for several of the country’s leading fitness publications, and is a regular contributor to Men’s Health magazine, Alwyn has co-authored two books in the “New Rules of Lifting” series and currently spends his time training clients, training his staff at Results Fitness, speaking on the lecture circuit, and coaching fitness trainers worldwide in their businesses.

Alwyn’s gym, Results Fitness specializes in programs for real-world busy people and prides itself on “changing the way fitness is done – period!” It has also been named one of America’s Top Gyms by Men’s Health a number of times.

In this episode Alwyn and I dive into what works in the real world of coaching, helping clients get results and stay for years and years, as well as how to build a great culture and fitness business.

This is a must listen if you current run or aspire to run your own gym.

Let’s go.


  • Why having a fun time, culture, and getting people to want to come back is critical in getting clients long-term results.
  • The KEY components to building a powerful culture; where you can do a lot of things and still do good.
  • Why Alwyn thinks high intensity conditioning is a better fit for fat loss results than lower intensity training (despite the research and views coming out lately).
  • The foundational things you MUST get right to help clients get results over and over again.
  • What to do after someone has reached their goal; which they will if you’re doing the right things. Alwyn shares how he creates a lifelong growth focus with his clients.
  • Our thoughts on programming for semi-private training and larger group training and what gets better results.
  • How mood and excitement can affect a training session and what you can do to affect mood in a training session.
  • An exercise that helps you determine which values are important to you and how to build your core values.
  • Why no one can steal your clients, but you can lose clients. We outline the four coaching fence posts that must be erected to keep clients from leave.
  • How Alwyn beat cancer and how it forced him to create systems. He shares his thoughts on “the e-myth vs. Linchpin.”
  • Why the best coaches are clients that have had a big transformation and believe in the culture, and how to develop them.
  • Some powerful questions that you haven’t asked yourself that will create better systems.
  • The one thing you can’t do right now; which is also THE most important thing.
  • Why public speaking and getting great in front of the camera is SO important now and moving into the future.
  • Tactics and strategies to become a local expert. Alwyn and I both share out thoughts here.

And so much more.


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