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EP71: Everyone Is A Leader and The 7C’s To Building An Unstoppable Team in Business and Life

Recently I was asked to come and present to a group of team leaders at Boeing – with the goal to help with motivation and culture. This came about because some of the leaders at the company have been following my career and what I do at Vigor Ground. I had a few weeks to prepare so I dug deep into the bottlenecks I have faced in my career and business. I also thought through how I could best inspire change and give guidance in actionable steps.

I don’t think the group was expecting what I ended up delivering to them, but it was what I believe is the perspective, catalyst and strategies to become a conscious leader and build an unstoppable team.

I go over the majority of what I shared during that presentation and workshop in this podcast episode.


  • Why you MUST shift to a leadership perspective and the crucial mindset that makes you a leader
  • The one thing that is stopping you from moving forward that has to change first or no other lesson will work
  • Why you have been given the gift of fire and must first recognize and then use it in these 5 ways
  • The one thing you can’t lead without, and how to keep it in endless supply
  • The story of Muhammad and day one leadership 
  • The 7C’s to building a winning team in business and life
  • The one “C” that is the foundation of everything and how you’re messing up
  • The 6 questions I ask myself daily to live my leadership values
  • What are you broadcasting daily? One type of broadcast is going to destroy your network
  • The 3-step process that we have instilled to eliminate unproductive complaining 
  • How you’re casting a vote for who you are every day, who are you voting for?
  • Taking the temperature of your team and the 4-step process that will allow you to help change the environment 


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