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[Infographic]: Advanced Nutrition – How To Create Your Nutrition Plan Based on Calories And Macro-Nutrients (And How To Carb-Cycle)

If you’ve followed our infographic series here at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance you’ll know that this is the 3rd part of our nutrition to transform your body and lifestyle.

This is for people that have already stuck to the basic habits and have a good grasp of nutrition and have already made a transformation.

It’s also what we use for people seriously committed to deadlines like bikini, physique competitors or someone that may have a photo shoot and is looking to get as lean and ready as possible.

It’s NOT for people just starting their transformation journey and are committed to changing their nutrition and lifestyle (long-term).

**Emmalee followed habits to change her lifestyle and then once she was compliant over time we worked on more advanced nutrition before her show

But first…if you haven’t checked out the first and second then go here…

10 Habits For Results Based Nutrition

The Handful Nutrition Plan

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to embarking on a transformation journey is taking on too much too soon.

We understand.

Sometimes it’s the motivation high that people get when they decide to make a change and go “all in.”

Many times it will be a recommendation from a coach, with the best intentions in mind, to give the client a full blown transformation strategy so that they get the best and fastest results – not realizing that most people are already overwhelmed with the changes they will have to make.

Step-by-step client centered habit change is the best approach for successful long-term (and short-term) transformations.

There is a time and a place for taking it up a notch and starting to implement calories, macro’s and nutrient timing.

This is how we approach this process and you can check out the infographic with the formula’s and example of how we would do this for a client.


The foundation should still be in place as far as the habits we have developed and the foods we eat (also the 90-10 rule). This is the next step when you want to take your physique to the next level.


…the key to succeeding is having a individual approach, as each person has a different…

==> Lifestyle
==> Work
==> Environment
==> Family
==> Social triggers
==> Emotional triggers
==> Habits
==> Genetics
==> Personalities
==> Stress
==> And much, much more…

Trying to give cookie cutter advice and/or a generic plans to anyone is a recipe (pun intended) for failure.


We may not know all the steps to take us to our goals but most know the NEXT step. Yet so many times the next step is not taken because of over-whelm and thinking of all the steps ahead and how hard it will be to change them.

So you never start.

Or you start and don’t do “all” you could and feel like a failure and stop.

Maybe you feel bad that you “messed up again.”

Or you’re embarrassed to ask when you don’t know what to do and you don’t know what to expect.

Maybe the voices in your head are telling you that you can’t do it.

I understand. I’ve been there.

In certain areas of my life I’m there now.

But I promise you that no matter where you are and what you’ve done and been through, YOU CAN do it and change; get what you want.

Better to start slower and be successful in your changes then start with too much and feel like you are failing. As long as you’re moving forward and taking steps towards your goal, you’re succeeding (the word success comes from “succession” – meaning the next thing, the next step).

If you’re finally ready to have guidance and support from coaches that are experts, and most importantly – care, and are going to work with you (and not force you) on changing your habits, nutrition and lifestyle to achieve exactly what you want then fill out the application form HERE (or click on the banner below) and we can schedule a Discovery Call so you can see the path and the plan to your success.

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