Vigor Muscle & Performance Corner: Part 1

Getting strong is empowering.

Putting on muscle is empowering.

Becoming more powerful is empowering.

Taking your performance to the next level is empowering.

But there is a deeper meaning.

Strength has a higher purpose.

It’s purpose is deeper than that on just the outside; it’s the inner transformation that happens while going through the struggle, pushing through/jumping over/outsmarting the obstacles, being surrounded by darkness and still focusing on the light, feeling like giving up but connecting to the source of what drives you.

That is where the beauty lies; this is where REAL transformation comes from and lives.

There is nothing more fulfilling then being a part of and witnessing such a transformation.


With that said who better to talk to about having a muscle and performance transformation (the outside part of the transformation) and what it takes to change and go from skinny, unconfident, confused about the future and what you want to do; to muscular, powerful, lean, focused, passionate, purposeful and driven – than our own coach Theo Bowie.

Theo came to Vigor weighing around 150+ lbs and had a mission to get bigger and stronger a. In the process he not only transformed his body by putting on over 50 lbs of muscle over the course of 14 months but also became an intern and that found his passion in helping others transform like he did.


His body.

His mind.

His confidence.

His skill-set and abilites.

Igniting his fire, passion and purpose and having clarity.

It all started with some weight and a desire to change his body.

But truthfully deep down there were bigger things to change. Change on the inside will show on the outside. But taking control of your life by taking control of your training, eating and lifestyle can be the best catalyst for that change inside.

In the first edition of Muscle and Performance Corner Theo and I cover the most important things needed to break through your plateaus and start building muscle, strength and confidence.

Check it out here:

Take the knowledge and wisdom and apply it.

If you’ve been putting in the time and effort and it hasn’t much the results you’ve been getting and are frustrated with your muscle and strength gains then ask for advice. You can schedule a free strategy session with Theo and find out exactly where you and what are the steps that needs to be taken to get you to your goals. The only prerequisite for the strategy session is that you’re serious and committed to change!

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