The No B.S. Nutrition Seminar: Discover Why You Are Stuck With Your Body Transformation (And What To Do About It)

How do you feel about where you are with your nutrition and lifestyle right now?

If you’re frustrated from doing diets and seeing some results only to putting weight back on, then this seminar is for you.

If you’ve seen some results but are stuck and just can’t figure out what to do next and WHY you’re stuck, then this seminar is for you.

So read on.

I was frustrated with the B.S. that is flying around that confuses people and makes them believe they are failing because they “just can’t do it.”

People would come in and talk to us about what they have been doing based on what they have been told from friends, reading popular diets and watching shows on TV, magazines, etc. At the end it just made them more confused then when they 

Luka - No B.S. Nutrition Seminar

And when they did lose weight, they couldn’t keep it off.

(**humans are good at taking weight off but not good at keeping it off…in the seminar you’ll find out why**)

Now don’t get me wrong, taking control of your eating and nutrition is work and I won’t tell you that it’s easy. I won’t be the “guru” to tell you it only takes 3 east steps and voila, your transformation is complete.

It’s simple once you understand what I’m going to share with you, but it still takes effort and following the principles and methods that work.

At the end of the day it’s your responsibility to take control of you life and take action on what you learn.

To transform your body for good takes a process applying scientific principles and proven methods built on top of those principles consistently. The great thing about it is that you don’t need a quick fix (that actually derails you from your ultimate goal) and when you start applying the methods you’ll see and feel the results without the accompanying overwhelm that comes with strict rules of most diets that make no sense.

These are just some of the things you’ll discover in the Vigor Ground No B.S. Nutrition Seminar:

➔ By-pass all the “how to” that will NOT work unless you address the cause of your lack of results 5:54 min

➔ Discover the 3-step process that is leading you to bad habits that crush your results (and how you can turn it around) 8:43 min

➔ How diets are actually making you fat, the proven science behind why we’re good at losing weight but horrible at keeping it off 25:58 min

➔ What is “metabolic adaptation” and how it’s going to always stop you from keeping weight off if you don’t apply the scientific principles proven in the real world that I show you (Don’t fall into the “Oprah Paradox”, wait till you see what NOT to do) 29:45 min

➔ The EXACT psychology of why you can’t lose weight and what to do about it (which is the exact opposite of what most people will tell you!) 33:08 min

➔ Discover why you may put on weight faster after dieting and end up heavier than even when you started the diet (and the two strategies to never have to deal with the stress of that) 39:58 min

➔ How you can eat more calories, carbs and fats while making your metabolism work faster – after you’ve already lost weight (not only does this actually work, it’s healthier for you) 46:00 min

➔ Imagine your “diet” having 10% of “pure junky goodness” in it. What if I told you that is our recommendation and a KEY to getting long term results.

➔ You’ve been lied to that there are “good vs. bad” foods – this is only making it more complicated and frustrating to stick to your nutrition, Discover why there is no such thing and how you can simplify 50:22 min

➔ How to determine what nutrition approach you should take based on where you are on the commitment path (this is where most people get it wrong and why they get frustrated) 54:23 min

➔ The “Magic Question” I ask my clients that determines if they’re on the right track or off course (this ONE question can save you time, energy and frustration every time!) 1:01:52 hours

➔ The calorie counting antidote – if you want success but are tired of putting the numbers into an app all the time and your friends get on you for measuring everything when you go out 1:09:00 hours

➔ How should you eat for your body type to maximize results once you have a good foundation 1:11:50 hours

➔ And much much more…

Check out the full seminar below:

If you’ve been struggling with your results when it comes to your body transformation whether from not knowing the right next step for you, or you’ve been on the diet roller coaster and feel stuck (may have metabolic adaptation) and you are weary of all the information flying around…

…I’d have you consider having a conversation with me or one of our coaches and finding the right approach for you, one that works based on your individual needs and goals, one that you will be confident in doing (and not stressed like crazy waiting for it to end), and one that is based on science and real world results.

This is a Discovery Call to create clarity around your goal and the next steps that will help you get to your desired result.

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