E066: 5 Ways You Can Embody Courage, Empowerment, Growth, Class and Self-Respect Today

It’s easy to go through your day, week, and even life saying that certain things matter to you—that you stand for or against them and that they’re part of your values. But how often do you live up to these values? What guides you to stay on the path of living in integrity with your own personal life, business and career?

The key is being honest with yourself.

A super effective way to make sure that you’re living true to your values is to ask yourself questions. I do this daily and have found it to be a powerful way to bring my key values to the forefront. This simple act helps me—and will help you—focus yourself so that you are able make decisions—and actions—that align with the goals you are striving towards, and the values you believe in.

In this episode of the podcast I tackle the ways you can embody courage, empowerment, growth, class and self-respect in your life. And ultimately, help you practice what you preach and lead a more successful and fulfilling life.


  • The lessons that death has taught me and how they have lit a fire under me
  • Why actively seeking rejection will help you embody courage
  • What it means to be a “friendtor” and how it will help you take your relationships to the next level
  • Why growth is a commitment to expanding your capacity to add value to your life and how to do it every day
  • The “edge of the bed” question and why everyone should write out what they want to teach their kids
  • The difference between elevating and escalating
  • One thing that will help you be seen as a leader in the eyes others  as soon as it’s applied

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