EP020: The Not So Secret Principle Of Success That Is The Key To Everything I Do

Many years ago I read a book with a quote from Steve Martin as the title that really hit home for me. Not only has the quote been etched into my mind ever since, I also have a poster of it up in my office, a screenshot on my desktop, and note cards with the phrase written on them.

Excessive? Maybe, but maybe not.

This quote reminds me to focus on the process while highlighting an important fact: no one is to blame for my failures, and it is my responsibility to hone my skills so that I don’t get ignored in the areas I want to excel in.

Whether it’s personal or business, the advice and perspective I give in this episode will help you focus on the right things to help you achieve the things that you want. Taking control of your nutrition and lifestyle choices, becoming the best at your skill — and getting recognized for it — creating deep meaningful relationships, creating wealth, or just being able to dominate pick up basketball at your local gym, all comes down to this mindset.

Discover what it is and examples of how to take action on it.


  • How Steve Martin figured out the principle that helped him (in spite of some huge struggles) become one of the best and most recognized comedians in the world
  • The secret to reverse engineering any type of success you want to achieve — no matter the area of focus (i.e. your body, mindset, relationships, business, or anything in between)
  • How to know if you’re mixing up the steps in the process and hindering your own success
  • What to do if you caught in a cycle of falling on and off of your wagon to progress
  • How my friend Hieu used the same process to put on 25 lbs of muscle and get leaner, while becoming a pretty damn good photographer using this same step-by-step approach
  • The mystery of why so many of the world’s greatest artists came from one small city in Italy in a very short time period in history, and why they are still considered among the best to this day. I’ll teach you how to steal their secret
  • How I developed myself as a strength coach while training 5-6 hours a day and playing professional basketball **This is the key to how you can change anything in your life right now
  • My rant on whether you should be teaching a certain skill set to someone else or focusing on yourself and succeeding at that craft first
  • How Tony Robbins fast-forwarded his success with this strategy and how you can use it in your field/industry

Book: So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest For The Work You Love (Cal Newport)
Book: Deep Work: Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World (Cal Newport)
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