EP036: How To Be Ruthlessly Productive, Successful As A College Drop Out, And A Recovering Fitness Junkie w/ Nate Green

Have you ever doubted yourself and what you can achieve? So did Nate Green after having a 1.7 GPA in college. After dropping out in his first semester, Nate decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer, and hasn’t looked back since. Despite all his self-doubt, he took action. First transformed himself, then helping others do the same; which opened a world of opportunities for him.

From being an editor at T-Nation, a key figure in the growth of Precision Nutrition, a marketing genius behind some of the most successful launches in fitness, and a thoughtful and inspiring writer for his own Nate Green brand, Nate has a ton of wisdom to share.

In this episode Nate opens up about the skill-sets that he feels everyone can benefit from (no matter what field they are in). How to become ruthlessly productive, how to cut out the things that slow you down and enjoy your life (while still checking off everything on your to do list) and how he became a recovering fitness junkie.


  • How Nate had a 1.7 GPA in high school
  • Why he dropped out of college in his first semester, had low self esteem and how _________ changed everything for him
  • Why the secret of better writing is hanging out on the Eminem fan forum – Nate gives us the details
  • How gaining 40 lbs of muscle in a year changed Nate’s confidence, mindset and drive to succeed in other areas of life
  • “How to not have a real job ever” – a question that may spur you to find new possibilities in your career
  • Why finding mentors and building relationships is “fast-tracking” for any industry
  • The 3 best ways to become a better writer that will help you with marketing, better communication and beating your competition if you own a business
  • How to never be out of business and always be valuable, and why it’s all about building “transferable” and “base level” skills
  • The secret to better writing and marketing
  • The two questions that will make all of your communication clearer, more effective and successful
  • How Nate wrote, ‘The Hero Handbook’ in hours and how you can create great work fast
  • The daily rituals that make Nate happier, healthier, more productive and took his relationship to the next level
  • Why you shouldn’t take in any more information and why it may be stopping you from achieving your goals

Nate Green: www.NateGreen.org
Precision Nutrition: www.PrecisionNutrition.com
Book: Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less (Greg McKeown)
T-Nation: www.T-Nation.com

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