EP041: What Works and Doesn’t Work When It Comes To Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with Cody McBroom

At Vigor, the most common questions that we receive are centered around nutrition, lifestyle and habit change.

Taking control of your daily (potentially bad) habits is one of the hardest things to do – which is why we have decided to host regular podcasts where we dive deep into the kind of coaching we provide for our clients here at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. The same coaching that has allowed us to help thousands of clients breakthrough and change their body for the long-term.

In these podcasts we are going to focus on everything from nutrition choices and mindset frameworks, to coaching questions, our methods and strategies.

Our goal with these podcasts is to help people, potentially like yourself, make positive changes to their nutrition and lifestyle. We also want to help coaches looking for advice on how they can improve their coaching practices.


  • The principles that make up the foundation of coaching, and why understanding them can help you change in any area of your life
  • Why your nutrition “special situation” is a real life example of human diversity, and the simple steps that will help you breakthrough your plateau
  • The reason why many of your health and medical issues can be rectified with lifestyle and nutrition changes
  • Why worrying about “special scenarios” can distract you from moving the “big rocks” that will help you get where you want
  • The fundamental skillsets and habits that all the people that are lean and healthy stick to… which are surprisingly simple concepts
  • Why “fad diets” have become so popular and how we get our clients to choose what’s right for them
  • Why asking better questions of yourself and your clients is one of the key secrets to better health and coaching
  • The Super 7 Readiness questions that we use to help us discover what our clients coaching needs are so that we can coach them better
  • The 4-steps to identifying the behaviors clients take on for success
  • The A-B-C list for how you can discover which foods your clients will want to eat to achieve their goals, and the training program that will compliment their nutrition program
  • Why humans always tend to find the negative in situations and how to change that, both in yourself and with your clients… and how this is a key skillset when it comes to nutrition success
  • The habits that your health and fitness icons follow, and how to apply them to your life
  • The strategy that will add 30-minutes of productivity to your day and how it can make a huge difference in your life
  • The best post-workout nutrition for athletes wanting to stay lean and build muscle

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