EP114: Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Wisdom from 25 Years of Coaching and Writing Offline and Online w/ Bryan Krahn

Bryan and I met almost 13 years ago at a Perform Better Summit through our mutual friend Nate Green. At that point in time Bryan was writing a lot of quality fitness articles for top publications. I really enjoyed his writing style: real world wisdom from training his real world clients. The thing about Bryan is that while he wrote for T-Nation, Mens Health, Mens Fitness, Bodybuilding.com, Ask Men, and many more, he had so much actual coaching experience and real world results with his clients. Not to mention himself. He’s 47, jacked and lean.

Today he continues to write, train, and have a successful online coaching business. In this podcast episode we dive into the principles of the “How” in coaching to get the best possible results with your clients; whether face to face, or online.

Let’s go.


  • How Bryan started training people but kept it as a side hustle. Believe it or not, he didn’t believe he could make a career out of it. We discuss what changed his mind.
  • Why it’s important to go past the sets and reps to help people truly transform.
  • Why you MUST build a foundation and understanding the body, movement, program design, etc. AKA “the buy” in to coaching.
  • Why you should always start with finding out a client’s lifestyle before building their program. e.g. “How do they go about their day?”
  • Why you can’t take your clients word at the height of their excitement and motivation when it comes to what they’re able to commit to. We discuss how you uncover the reality.
  • Why it’s so much better to build on success than having to pull back when you start training clients. We share out mistakes so you can avoid making the same ones.
  • What the ideal training frequency is for different goals, from muscle building, to fat loss, no matter your age.
  • What the “cardio placeholder” is and how it creates better results for clients.
  • Why walking is key to feeling better when you’re pushing your diet (and how it helps you physiologically unpack things).
  • Whether or not age should dictate the exercises you should choose, and the formula for not getting injured and continuing to progress.
  • Doing ramp sets, pushing to positive failure, not training for less than an hour, and other myths get put to the test by Bryan and myself.
  • The “not so cool” modalities that pay the biggest dividends but get missed so often.
  • How everything affects itself and why coaching is like a dance that you always have to assess.
  • 3 nutritional principles that will create success for your clients if you nail them.
  • How to take how a person who is currently living one way and gradually make it better (and why this is the key to success).
  • Why precision and being geeky on the numbers will most times hinder success when it comes to body transformations.
  • Why variability is NOT a good choice when people are looking to change their habits.
  • While simplicity and autonomy matter, creating rules for clients can be powerful. Bryan explain this concept.
  • The power of creating wins in a client’s day to build from.

And much more.


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