EP120: How To Build Mental Resilience & The Best Way To Train To Build Muscle and Strength In The Long Term w/ Jay Ferruggia

One of my best friends, world renowned strength coach, and fitness industry thought leader, Jay Ferruggia is back on the show. Even though we were in lockdown when this episode was recorded, we pick up right where the industry left off.

In this episode we talk about overcoming adversity, building resilience, taking control of your mind, as well as diving deep into how to build strength and muscle while maintaining healthy joints in the long term. Jay drops his nuggets of wisdom from almost 30 years in coaching to share what works for almost anyone when it comes to picking training splits, exercises, rep ranges and more.

Let’s go.


  • Why Jay “missed” our initial scheduled podcast recording.
  • 3 big life takeaways Jay has throughout the lockdown that we should all remember on the daily to make our life more fulfilled and less stressful.
  • The key habits, mindsets and skillsets that helped Jay and will continue to help people persevere through ANY challenging time.
  • The foundational habits that lead to a positive domino effect and make your days successful (things Jay and I do, The Rock does, Gary Vee does, ALL high performers do)
  • Why you MUST be aware and analyze what enters your ears, your eyes, and your mind on a daily basis, as it will affect how you operate on a daily basis.
  • Why being “bummed out” doesn’t help anyone, and how you can free yourself from that feeling.
  • Teach anything you’ve done, hire others for things you want to achieve that they’ve done. Invest in yourself, put skin in the game, and hire someone you desperately don’t want to let down.
  • Why “association” is one of the biggest influencers and how to put yourself into circles that will make you successful.
  • 3 Industries and 4 High Income Skills that will ALWAYS stick around and where you must continue to improve your skills on the daily.
  • Jay has been writing since 2003 and he’s still getting better every day, he shares why you must continue to get better at communicating, selling and leadership.
  • When it comes to training, the most important thing is: personal preference. We dive into what you should be doing for your training.
  • Jay loves Conjugate Training. We discuss what he recommends instead for most people when it comes to building strength and muscle.
  • The breakdown of how Jay would structure a training session to get maximum benefit, both from a results, joint health, and feel good standpoint.
  • One of the templates I use for my strength training sessions that you can “steal” and use for yourself.
  • A misconception on changing exercises every 3-4 weeks, if clients keep improving then keep them longer (listen to the examples).
  • Why you can PR on machines a lot longer than you can on free weights and how they are extremely useful (who should use them and when).
  • Strategies and tactics to add muscle building methods that work when you don’t have a lot of equipment or machines.
  • Some methods may not work as well BUT are keys in building mental resilience, as well as making the session more fun, and it’s why they fit into the workouts.
  • One of the most brutally effective ways to train long term that many people avoid BUT have withstood the test of time.
  • Why most people are doing too much, need to cut back, but train hard, and why doing so will be the key to their results.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 what intensity are you REALLY training at, and how the answer to that could change your workouts and results.


And much, much more.


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