EP053: The Nutrition Principles For A Successful Body Transformation I Share With Our Clients | Part 1

When we offer intro programs to give people the opportunity to try out Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance I often include a live nutrition seminar. In this seminar, I cover the nutrition basis to teach people the principles that will help them take control of their transformation. I’m not taking for a short time, but for good.

I’m going to share these principles with you so you can apply them to yourself and/or your clients and start making changes right away.


  • The vicious cycle that keeps people stuck in the weight loss and weight gain loop and how to break it
  • The habits of highly healthy, lean, and high performing individuals; follow these and take control of your transformation
  • Why the leanest and healthiest people do NOT follow advanced nutrition strategies and actually have less stress and overwhelm with food
  • A lesson in how just one habit change helped people achieve 4x the fat loss over a group taking on advanced strategies
  • The step-by-step principles we’ve used at Vigor Ground to help clients change their lifestyle and nutrition without adding a ton of stress to their already busy lives
  • The drag and drop strategy to making your meals, keeping them delicious and in line with your goals
  • Strategies to make life and body transformation much easier


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