EP02: How To Overcome Fear And Do Everything You’ve Ever Wanted In Life (Practical Tips And No Fufu Stuff)


Has fear ever stopped you from doing things in life?

Do you feel like you’re currently stuck and not moving forward because of your fear of _______?

The whole notion of “fear” in today’s world is irrational (most of the time), yet it stops us from achieving many of the goals we set for ourselves. Fear has stolen more dreams than failure EVER will, yet you still may be giving it more power than it’s worth.

Here’s the truth: People who overcome fear are not “fearless.” They act in spite of fear; and there are certain tactics that they deploy that you can learn from to take back control of your life.

In this episode discover the mindsets and actionable steps that you can take to overcome your fears and “turn your shoulders to the man killing spears.” (fear)


  • What you must value more than security to be able to overcome fear and achieve great things
  • Why the advice to “Just go for it! No matter how hard it is” is not great advice
  • The “sweet spot” that will help you continually progress in your life and how it’s “just over the edge” (I talk about this at 6:06 and I think you’ll be surprised by the truth)
  • The “grab the cockroach method” to making progress faster than you ever thought possible
  • What the “call to action” button is, and why you should reconsider what you think is “bad” because it will actually help you get what you want in life.


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Book: The Way Of The Superior Man – David Deida 
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