Take Control Of Your Eating, Body, and Lifestyle Workshop w/ Luka Hocevar

We know more about the science of fat loss and weight loss.

There is more information out there than ever on “how to ______” (fill in the blank with anything you want to achieve).

And yet obesity, cancer, diabetes, low self-esteem, depressions, etc. are all at an all time high.

I’d have you consider that even though so much information is out there, it is more confusing than ever and the reality is whatever is going on is NOT producing results (if we look at the average as a nation).

And as a mentor once told me…

To know and not do do, is not to know

So what is producing results and what is working for people that are not only creating body transformations, but also sustaining that way of life and never looking back?

What is helping people change without crazy overwhelm and rather than a feeling that they are “on a diet they will fall off from”; they’re taking control of their nutrition, habits, lifestyle and getting the results with a lot less stress or chaotic change?

What do you think it is?

It’s an approach that is very different than what most of the diet industry pedals, and it’s not only backed by science but also by serious real world results.

I decided to do a seminar at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance to breakdown and address what’s going on when it comes to failed diets and how to finally fix your nutrition.


=> How the current approach to diets is like the story of the journey to the South Pole – find out which approach helps you succeed and which one dooms you to fail most of the time  00:30 mins

=> The “4 Motivation Secrets” that most people don’t know about that can pull you through when times are tough (these are foundational in success with your nutrition)  02:59 mins

=> How I overcame my fear of speaking and what it means for your body transformation

=> What’s the ONE thing all the people that live over a 100 years old have in common and how it can improve your life now (hint: it’s not a diet!) 12:30 mins

=> Discover why diets drive obesity and why “dieting” is a catch-22 that is actually making you put on weight over time  16:27 mins

=> What is the Oprah Paradox and how most people find themselves in this loop that makes them lose and gain weight over and over and never truly take control of their nutrition and lifestyle 17:49 mins

=> The Surprising reason why you’re eating more calories than you think and why calorie counting may be making you crazy – when it’s not your fault; this is something the industry doesn’t tell you (this will blow your mind)  19:27 mins

=> Discover the formula for burning calories and why doing long steady state cardio won’t make much of a dent in the grand scheme of things but ________ and __________ make a huge difference 26:24 mins

=> Why the “pause button mentality” is ruining your health and fitness  30:35 mins

=> How to get fit in the normal, complicated, “how it is” way of life  33:30 mins

=> The promise of willpower and how it will fail you (and what you should consider basing your body transformation on) 35:11 mins

=> How would it look like if you used the “pause button mentality” in other areas of your life and the truth behind how nutrition take the same mentality 37:15 mins

=> A secret tactic I use every day to get things done and only takes “5 minutes”  38:35 mins

=> The 5 things all successful diets have in common and why there is no universal “best diet”  41:47 mins

=> How you now whether the nutrition you’re currently on is working, it must improve 3 different components in your life – find out which and how to shift  46:01 mins

=> The shocking statistic that will convince you to change your mind about dieting (you won’t believe this!)  59:10 mins

=> Discover the limiting behaviors stopping you from changing your habits and results, and how to unravel them like a detective 1:01:00 hours

=> A step-by-step breakdown of strategies for any obstacle you’re facing (this gives you an inside look into our nutrition coaching program)  1:13:11 hours

=> The 20+ strategic habits we coach to help our clients achieve results and never look back (they are sustainable)  1:44:00 hours

=> And much, much more…

I wanted to share this for everyone that couldn’t attend the seminar as well as anyone that wants to see how we approach nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle coaching – and how we have created success with over 2,000+ of our awesome clients over the last 9 years.

Want help finding nutrition strategies that work with your life, body, and goals?

Eating to lose weight, gain lean muscle, and improve health isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like it to be. If you’re looking for guidance and coaching, we’d be happy to help.

In the end, if you’re ready to finally start eating, moving, and living better, with help from Seattle’s premier coaching team, this is your chance.

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