EP122: The Art of Nutrition Coaching and Getting Clients Results w/ Dr. Mike Roussell

Vigor Life Podcast · EP122: The Art Of Nutrition Coaching And Getting Clients Results w/ Dr. Mike Roussell   Dr. Mike Roussell is one of my go-to people when I have questions about nutrition. Dr. Mike is famous for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits that his clients can use to ensure permanent […]

EP058: Why Fitness and Nutrition Are Failing Us and What To Do About It

Americans have become some of the most active humans in the world. In the last 20 years, there’s been a huge increase in gym memberships and people are training more than ever.  It may sound like things are (finally) headed in the right direction. The only thing is: they’re not. Obesity continues to climb as […]

EP022: How You’re (Unknowingly) Choosing Failure and How To Change It

This week I wanted to share a perspective that a friend and I were talking about that tends to keep people from achieving their goals. I also get into a simple exercise of awareness that will help you break through if you’re currently struggling to achieve something. It’s no secret that our perspective, subconscious beliefs, […]