Martha Julia VAN


Martha’s journey with health and fitness began during the third trimester of pregnancy with her second child in 2011. Her aim at the time was to lose the pregnancy weight within a year after giving birth.

She focused on researching how to effectively train and practice proper nutrition. She surrounded herself with experts, coaches and individuals who shared the same interests and goals in health and fitness. She used that knowledge to get into the best shape of her life.  

Martha found further inspiration with competitive bodybuilding in her first show in 2012 and placed 3rd in her class. She went on and took 1st place in multiple NPC bodybuilding division shows which landed her on to a national stage. She still enjoys the sport of bodybuilding.

Those experiences have helped her realize that taking care of your health and training involves so much more than the exterior perspective.

Martha believes that it is essential to maintain good health, strength, speed, endurance and effective mobility. She continues to educate herself in training and nutrition.

In 2014, Martha received her ISSA Personal Certification & Precision Nutrition 1 Certification and decided it was time to move forward and share her experience and knowledge to reach as many people as she can. Today, she is a certified Coach at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance.

Martha believes: no matter where you are in your life, the pursuit of progress is endless.

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