Theo Bowie


Growing up an athlete, movement and physical fitness has always been a part of my life. In fact, it was this part of my life that taught me some of my most valuable lessons. 12 years ago I decided to stop playing competitive basketball. That was a tough decision for me but one I knew I had to make. 
Flash forward about 5 years, many dead end jobs and an identity crisis later, I started my internship at Vigor Ground. I was prepared to give everything I had to learning and soaking up the knowledge I knew was coming my way. I didn’t jump right into an internship though. For 8 months I committed myself as a client. Like, fully committed. 
When I played basketball, I was constantly trying to get better with a ball in my hands. So, I took that attitude to training. 8 months prior to becoming an intern, I put on 30-40 pounds of muscle. After 16 months of consistent training, I had put on a total of 50 pounds. 
I applied the knowledge I obtained from the rest our team and the incredible amount of continuing education that came through Vigor’s front doors, as well as my own personal experience training and coaching, to real people just like you and me in a real world setting. 
As a client I started to write my own story. But then it became more. As a coach I collected a different perspective. I started helping people transform their lifestyle with results that are much deeper than losing weight and putting on muscle. Each individual had their own story to write.  As a family and a community, we all take part in something bigger than ourselves. 
“Rise As One”
I’m grateful to be a guide for so many and excited to for each individual who’s committed to writing their most epic story.
I look forward to being a part of yours.

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Ker želimo, da bi bil VigorGround skupnost stalnih članov, povezana družba podobno mislečih, ki sledi svojim ciljem, smo se odločili, da število strank v naših centrih omejimo. V VigorGroundu 400 na Litostrojski je tako omejitev 400, v VigorGroundu 150 v Squashlandu pa 150 članov. To je število članov, ki jim v danih okoliščinah še lahko zagotovimo vrhunsko storitev in čez ta mejnik zagotovo ne bomo šli.