Speed Kills Seminar: The Truth About Creating Team Speed & Agility

Once upon a time when I was a wee young’n…

…and I started getting good enough at basketball to really fall in love with it, I also realized that because I was shorter and not genetically gifted I’d have to find ways to get stronger, quicker, faster, and be able to jump higher; and do all of it for the whole game – otherwise I won’t be playing on the high level teams.

High Level Team

With this realization I started training my ass off and hitting the track, weights, reading what other people that were fast and jumped high were doing and emulating it.

I improved but the results weren’t what I was hoping for. I continue to push and find out what I needed to do to really excel my performance. One day after basketball practice my coach said that if I were serious he’d connect me with his friend who is one of the top track and field coaches in Europe (he knew my drive for getting better was crazy because I’d stay over an hour after practice just trying to dunk it).

I agreed to wake up early and hit the track before school whether there was sun, rain, snow, or anything in between and put in maximum effort with the coaches. I ended up training under Srdjan Djordjevic, who trains Merlene Ottey (9 time Olympic medalist) as well as Brigita Bukovec who was an Olympic medalist in the 110m hurdles (I also trainer with her many times).


To say I was training with some of the best in track and field was an under-statement and I saw vast improvements in my speed, agility, vertical, and then some. This also inspired me to dig into the books and start studying everything speed and strength and conditioning.

You could say I became a bit obsessed with it and really improved my performance to a point where people were saying I have “great genetics.” Deep inside I giggled as they didn’t get how much work was put in, but also that everyone can significantly improve their team game speed and performance if hey approach it the right way.

It has been almost two decades of studying speed, power, agility and everything performance and I’m still constantly pushing to find what is best both with scientific research, following, learning from and observing the best coaches in the world, and in the trenches work with hundreds of clients every week.


A couple of months ago after many people asked me to provide more information on speed training, I decided to put on a seminar at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance Renton Gym.

I ended up recording it and am sharing it for free here (it is around 2 hours long, with a lot of info!).

This is some of what I cover in the seminar:

* The mistake most people make when training speed

* The TWO things you need to improve when looking to get fast (yes, only two!)

* Why some team athletes do great in tests but never deliver on the field…and how to fix it

* The reason your athletes are only fast for so long before they slow down. Fourth quarters win games, learn the difference between true speed training and conditioning for speed

* The THREE forms of strength training you need to improve performance…

* Why top speed is NOT the most important thing when it comes to team sports, and there is something other than acceleration that matters even more

* If you miss this component in training your athletes will lose power that they already have (correct this by adding one component to your training)

* Chaos many not be great in life but find out why chaos speed is something your team desperately needs and with it will dominate the next season!

* And much more…

To get access to the seminar for free, click on the banner below and put in your email address.

Speed Kills Seminar

Apply the principles and methods into your training and/or your team’s training and let me know how you have been blowing by defenders in your games.


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