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EP012: Nutrition For Real World Results w/ Real People (That Are Busy, Stressed, Overwhelmed and Ready To Change)

I invite one of our Vigor Ground coaches, Cody McBroom to talk shop about nutrition. Not the nutrition that you hear about in trendy magazines and in the thousands of diet books that push “the _______ diet that will finally help you get results.” But rather the type of nutrition that is backed by science and teaches you how to make sensible (sustainable) changes.

Over the last decade I’ve studied countless nutritional approaches, (trying and testing many of them on myself and with my clients) been taught by some of the world’s best minds, made many mistakes, learned from those mistakes, and have continued to study and apply everyday to help Vigor clients achieve the best results. In other words, results that stick while allowing them to live a fulfilled life where nutrition changes become a part of their life NOT a source of stress in their life.

We consider nutrition changes a success with our clients when we affect body composition, health, and performance. If we don’t make a positive change to all three of those areas we know that there is a piece missing in our nutrition plan that’s creating a bottleneck. So if you’re currently following a diet or nutrition plan that’s changing your body but hindering your performance, or maybe making you feel really healthy but not making you feel confident in the way that you look that should be a sign that you’re not following the right nutrition plan for you.


  • How most nutrition programs affect one, or at most two aspects of the holy trinity (body composition, health, performance) and why not focusing on all three will eventually lead to a bottleneck in your results
  • The top 3 roadblocks in most people’s nutrition approach and how to fix them
    Why you get cravings and a simple approach that will help you start getting rid of them while also helping you up your energy level and achieve a body composition change
  • The truth about superfoods
  • Why diets are a vehicle fuelling the obesity epidemic and why the philosophies of Amazon 1-click buy, Netflix, food delivery, etc. don’t transfer over to results with nutrition
  • Why the X’s and O’s of nutrition and fat/weight loss are less important when it comes to nutrition coaching
  • The cost of becoming lean and ripped and why you have to ask yourself, “is it worth it to me?” if that’s the transformation goal you are working towards
  • What “metabolic adaptation” is and how it could be causing you to fall into a yo-yo diet cycle
  • The magic question that determines whether you should take on a new habit (or habits) to succeed **This question can revolutionize your transformation (and can be applied to any area of your life)
  • How you can help clients become aware and have them help you coach them **This is far more effective than telling them what to do
  • The secret to stopping emotional eating cycles and how this could be the key to your breakthrough
  • How hitting the wall in my personal life was the best thing that could have ever happened to me and how it affected my nutrition and lifestyle
  • The reason why men are statistically more stuck when it comes to lifestyle and nutrition changes, and why women typically see a shift faster
  • How environment trigger behaviors and why the fastest way to change your behavior is to asses your environment and change it to one that supports your goals and dreams
  • The nutrition path that YOU should take
  • And much more…


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