EP118: Writing Like A Pro To Influence & Build Your Business, Meditative Inquiry To Reduce Stress and Internal Family Systems Therapy w/ Nate Green


Nate Green is one of my closest friends and a great human being who also happens to be a fantastic writer. Nate is a marketing strategist and writer at Precision Nutrition. A former personal trainer and gym-owner, he’s also the author of four books, including Built for Show. He’s written extensively for online and print magazines, including Men’s HealthMen’s Fitness, and Tim Ferriss’ blog. Nate is one of the people I reach out and talk to when I want to clear out ideas, thoughts, share life experience and talk them out as he always has deep, powerful insights.


EP117: The Power of Communication and Why You MUST Get Better at It as a Coach and Human w/ Brett Bartholomew


I finally got my good friend Brett Bartholomew on the show to talk about something we both feel very strongly about: the power of communication. Brett speaks on this on so many levels – including his must have book, Conscious Coaching and his program Bought In.


EP115: Raise Your Coaching Game and High Performance Secrets From The Best of The Best w/ Alan Stein Jr.

When at the airport I always make a pitstop at the bookstore. While traveling to a speaking engagement, a book title entered my line of vision: “Raise Your Game.” As I read the cover, chapter topics and testimonials I knew I had to get it. Especially given it was from the world of basketball. From first crack, I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in two days and knew I needed to get the author, Alan Stein Jr on the podcast to talk about the principles.


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