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“People say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing…that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig was on point and I follow that advice (the bathing part too).

Although I believe (and science backs it up) that we need intrinsic/internal motivation to fuel the fire to our goals long term; but that doesn’t mean that external motivation doesn’t work and that it won’t fire you up.

It is FAR from that as a matter of fact.

I read books, audio’s, watch videos, surround myself with the best in their field, so that I get external motivation on the daily.

Internal (intrinsic) motivation + external motivation = domination.

I’ve been fortunate to hang around my good friend Martin Rooney who is the creator of Training For Warriors and one of the most fired up individuals you’ll ever meet (even if you just watch a video or listen to an audio!), as it has rubbed off on me in the most positive way in the last decade.

Men’s Transformation Project Podcast with Luka Hocevar

I’m pulling out some of the resources that have been buried in the archives, may have not been heard and I haven’t shared here on the Vigor Ground Fitness blog.

Because of that I’m going back and pulling out some of these gems from the vault and sharing them with you as if even one tip can help you move forward – I’m serving my purpose.

A while back I got on a podcast with my friend Pat Divilly, one of Ireland’s top coaches, to talk about mindset, training, self-development, recovery, and much more; for a complete transformation in guys.

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