EP032: The Myth About Changing Habits And Commitment To Your Goals

One of the things I regularly mention is that it doesn’t matter if you do your best if you don’t do what is required. That doesn’t mean that doing your best isn’t extremely important, but there are certain requirements that need to be done if you are to achieve anything in life – and often there is a disconnect between what you are doing and what is required.

A big part of achieving anything is the habits that you develop – which either take you towards your goals or away from them.


  • My thoughts on some of the myths for creating habits
  • Why I show up at midnight to do a podcast, and how it’s what you’re missing to get the results you want
  • Why the people preaching at you who can build a habit in 21-days have got it all wrong, and how you can accelerate your change
  • The simple and easy trick that will help you take control of your daily battle with bad habits
  • How to break the habit loop currently stopping you from making changes in your life
  • How to use training to change your body and also train your mind to be more focused – which will in turn give you the ability to change your habits
  • The power of “the morning ritual” and how it can train you to pattern interrupt your bad habits

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EP031: How To Master Your Craft, Love The Process, and Make Life One Big Adventure with Lil B

How do you go from living in a 300 square foot room with two friends, hustling to just get by (in a far away country that’s not home), to becoming on of the best black and grey tattoo artists in the world?

That’s the story of “Lil B” Hernandez, my good friend, and the person who has stabbed me more times than I can count… with a tattoo needle that is.

In this episode we talk about everything from mastery of your craft, the mindset behind growth and success, traveling the world and how attaching yourself to things can be a ball and chain for life.


  • How Lil B took something that he was passionate about and made it into his business
  • One of the biggest mistakes most people make in business and how Lil B found a way to make his tattoo art elite – this is a secret business lesson
  • The secret to becoming a master and sought out expert in your field
  • How we use humility as a weapon that allows for constant growth and improvement
  • How to take people’s visions and dreams and use your expertise to make it a masterpiece – and how you can do the same in your business
  • What makes Lil B fight the system and travel the world living life like one big adventure
  • The life experiment and why Lil B likes to sleep under the stars in places like Japan
  • How success can take you down the wrong path and how to prevent it with an unorthodox principle
  • Why relationships are your biggest asset and source of happiness

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EP030: Renegade Lessons To Being Healthy, Wealthy and Wise From Your 20’s To Your 50’s w/ Jay Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia has gone from building one of the first, and most successful underground gyms, to going broke, to building an incredibly successful online business. He is now the host of the Renegade Radio podcast – which has millions of downloads.

Renegade Radio is an entertaining and informative show that empowers you to unleash your strongest self. You get motivation and strategies to build your body, strengthen your mind, and live a life without regrets.

In this episode Jay and I talk about the biggest lessons, mindsets and strategies to build a fulfilling life in the areas of healthy, wealthy and wise – from decades of our experiences, mistakes and triumphs.


  • The best way to train for the rest of your life to stay strong and lean, without beating up your body so that you can also have longevity – The answer will surprise you!
  • The message Quest Love put out on social media that shined a light on the disconnect between fitness professionals and people wanting to change their lifestyle, and how it can affect your results
  • Why we fit pros need to “come into their world” if we want to help others change their habits
  • The best diet for getting lean, healthy, having energy, and building longevity and a life with less sickness
  • How to breakdown eating more or less protein, carbs and fat whether your focus is longevity, performance, or getting ripped
  • How being an introvert or extrovert affects your training in different ways and how not paying attention to it could lead you away from results
  • The 3 biggest mistakes when starting a business and the one thing you MUST avoid at all costs if you are starting one
  • The astonishingly different approaches to starting your own business, and why you shouldn’t listen to some guru’s advice
  • Why getting more personally involved with charity causes and your community will help you be happier, more productive and more profitable
  • And much, much more

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