EP01: The Most Important Step To Take Control Of Your Body, Business and Life


Tired of never following through with the promises that you make to yourself? Well, it’s time to address that.

In this this episode we’ll cover the question: “What are the securities and insecurities of being an entrepreneur?”

The answer could also be what’s stopping you from achieving ALL of your pursuits and goals in life. In fact, the perspective you glean from this episode could help shift how you look at your body, your business/career, your relationships, and even your mindset.


  • One of the main differences between being successful in business (or any other project)
  • Why you should want to have pressure if you truly want to start a business (or anything you want to achieve for that matter)
  • The “security trap” that’s actually creating insecurity in your life (fall for this and you’re in trouble)
  • And the 3 things that you should do regardless of how you feel when it comes to being successful in your body, business and life, period.


Vigor Ground Fitness
Luka Hocevar YouTube Channel
Onnit – Total Human Optimization 

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EP 00: Vigor Life Origins And The Puzzle Pieces To Your Transformation


I’m excited to announce the first ever episode of Vigor Life.


  • The origins of the podcast
  • Why a body transformation happens in the brain (based on the habits that YOU create)
  • And how changing your body and life is a puzzle and WHY you need to become a detective to find your limiting factors before you can address them one-by-one.

While I believe that fitness is one of the BEST VEHICLES to help empower you to become a leader and go after what you want, build self-esteem, and get stronger (inside and out), there’s more to a transformation than you may think.

Over the last decade I’ve trained thousands of people and developed a coaching program that helps people (perhaps like yourself) piece together their own extraordinary life.

This podcast will be a combination of thoughts, perspectives, strategies, tactics, stories and inspiration from myself and some of the world’s top coaches in strength, fitness, nutrition, movement, behavior change, business, and much more.

In each episode I will give you at least one tactic to act on to help lead you further down your path to achieving the change that you want in your life so that you can become better every day.

Which leads me with one question: Are you ready to become a better version of yourself?

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Vigor Move & Live Podcast with Martin Rooney

“People say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing…that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig was on point and I follow that advice (the bathing part too).

Although I believe (and science backs it up) that we need intrinsic/internal motivation to fuel the fire to our goals long term; but that doesn’t mean that external motivation doesn’t work and that it won’t fire you up.

It is FAR from that as a matter of fact.

I read books, audio’s, watch videos, surround myself with the best in their field, so that I get external motivation on the daily.

Internal (intrinsic) motivation + external motivation = domination.

I’ve been fortunate to hang around my good friend Martin Rooney who is the creator of Training For Warriors and one of the most fired up individuals you’ll ever meet (even if you just watch a video or listen to an audio!), as it has rubbed off on me in the most positive way in the last decade.

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