“The Exact Program Tim Is Doing That Transformed His Body”

Tim is a beast, nobody at the gym debates that and everybody clearly see’s that. But he wasn’t always like that – just like every other jacked dude, he came to us with less muscle and a little more body fat. See’s there’s nothing wrong with that and I wanted to point that out before […]

Movement Checklist for Dysfunctions

This a a guest post by Dean Somerset. If someone comes into me for training and they say they want to get stronger, but have no issues with previous injuries, trauma, or whatever, I could screen them and come up with all types of numbers, then design corrective strategies as to how to fix problems […]

46 Tips to Build More Muscle

1. Start Explosive. Doing something explosive at the beginning of your workout will fire the Central Nervous System, which can allow you to lift stronger and more intensely. Plus… Look at Olympic lifters, they’re JACKED! 2. Train with intensity. Nobody builds muscle training in a lazy way, turn it up and crush your workouts. You […]

Vigor Muscle & Performance Corner: Part 1

Getting strong is empowering. Putting on muscle is empowering. Becoming more powerful is empowering. Taking your performance to the next level is empowering. But there is a deeper meaning. Strength has a higher purpose. It’s purpose is deeper than that on just the outside; it’s the inner transformation that happens while going through the struggle, […]

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