Carry Your Way To Results: Implementing Loaded Carries Into Your Program

This is a guest post by Dave Rak. Regardless of what your fitness goals may be, whether it is to rehab from an injury, get stronger, gain muscles mass, improve your fitness, or to be able to carry your grandkids, carries undoubtedly should be part of your training program. Carry exercises provide a long list […]

3 Powerful Ways To Make the Most Out of Training Alone

This is a guest post by Dave Rak There is no doubt that training with others will make your workouts more enjoyable and also increase performance.  One major factor that separates the best gyms in the country isn’t exercise selection or how they program workouts, it is often the culture that is created by the […]

Shifty Business: The Crossover Start

This is a guest post by Jen Sinkler “The crossover step is important because rarely are sports played in a straight line,” says Tim Moyer, MS, CPT, head volleyball coach at Philadelphia University and longtime strength and conditioning coach across a number of disciplines. Whether you’re playing a game of softball or tag in the […]