EP 145: A Nutrition Approach You Just Can’t Screw Up w/ Adam Bornstein

Anytime I get my brother Adam Bornstein on the show, insights and wisdom is dropped! Adam Bornstein is a New York Times best-selling author, and an award-winning fitness and nutrition journalist and editor. Named “one of the most influential people in health”, Bornstein is the CEO and founder of Born Fitness. Previously, he was the editorial director for LIVESTRONG.COM and the fitness editor for Men’s Health magazine. His first book, The Impact! Body Plan was a fitness bestseller, and that was followed by The Men’s Health Diet (with Stephen Perrine), The Women’s Health Big Book of Abs, and The Men’s Health Big Book: Getting Abs. Bornstein has articles featured in publications such as The New York TImes, ESPN the Magazine, Forbes, and Fast Company. He also has a monthly column in Men’s Fitness magazine called “Learn It.” Bornstein has appeared on Good Morning America, The Early Show, and E! News.

Adam is releasing a new book “You Can’t Screw This Up” to help people finally create an effective sustainable nutrition habit, while he’s also running Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daily newsletter The Daily Pump as well as running his companies Born Fitness and Pen Name Consulting.


  • The nutrition book that is not a nutrition book and why its what everyone that is struggling with nutrition needs.
  • The big problem with the fitness and nutrition industry and how we change it to actually help people.
  • How to finally stop with diets and rigid rules to change your nutrition to achieve your goals without stressing your life away.
  • Why your nutrition “slip up” is not the problem, what REALLY is, and how to change it.
  • How to change who you think you are so you can become who you want – the secret mindset strategy most people miss!
  • Why what worked for authors of certain nutrition methods, doesn’t work for most people when it comes changing their food habits.
  • What are the 5 trap doors that derail people from achieving their lifestyle nutrition change and how to spot them.
  • The toolbox to help you execute the “next step” for YOU to be successful in making a change.
  • Why coaches will become better with getting results for clients by letting go of what they know (trust me you need to hear this).
  • The blueprint for sharing the right message with the world and attracting clients that need help (create a bigger megaphone AND get more clients).
  • Why almost 400,000 people read Adam’s newsletter daily (that he writes for Arnold Schwarzenegger) and what you can learn from it as a coach.
  • And much, much more….

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