Men’s Transformation Project Podcast with Luka Hocevar

I’m pulling out some of the resources that have been buried in the archives, may have not been heard and I haven’t shared here on the Vigor Ground Fitness blog.

Because of that I’m going back and pulling out some of these gems from the vault and sharing them with you as if even one tip can help you move forward – I’m serving my purpose.

A while back I got on a podcast with my friend Pat Divilly, one of Ireland’s top coaches, to talk about mindset, training, self-development, recovery, and much more; for a complete transformation in guys.

Vigor Ground has become notorious for a men’s program called “The Mansformation Challenge”, which is an 8-week program where we help guys transform from the inside out, so we touched on what are some things we implement to have had such success with hundreds and hundreds of clients.

Mens Transformation Podcast

Some of what we cover:

  • Where do all transformations start and what are some crucial things most people avoid when it comes to starting a training and nutrition program
  • What strategies do we use when it comes to strength and metabolic training to get the best results
  • What is intermittent fasting, how do we use it and is it right for everyone when it comes to optimal results
  • Why being around like minded individuals that are striving to improve themselves; a powerful community, is critical to success (short and long term)
  • What are some great books that if applied can really help you break through obstacles and challenges and can change your perspective on whether obstacles are really actually bad
  • And much much more…

Listen to the full podcast here:


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