Jessica Eadie


A Pacific Northwest Native, who grew up playing basketball competitively up into the collegiate level. She attended Eastern Washington University where she graduated with her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and has a keen interest in the use of positive psychology and it’s approach to mindset and fitness. 
Jess, has her own unique fitness story. As she would put it, she is a homegrown coach. She started her fitness journey at Vigor Ground back in March of 2015. As a client looking to lose body fat, tone up, and gain confidence in herself. Little did she know what a profound effect Vigor would have on her life’s path. For years prior to finding Vigor Ground, Jess, battled the ups and downs of excessive weight gain, poor nutrition habits, low self-esteem, and experiencing the profound loss of her mother to cancer in 2013. Once Jess started training at Vigor Ground, within a few short months she knew that coaching was her calling. Over the next year, she pursued Vigor’s internship program and by October 2016 she was hired on. On top of doing group training and semi-private personalized training, she is the head coach of Vigor Ground’s successful women’s strength and conditioning program “STRONGHER”.  Where her directive is to create a community built on empowering women to push boundaries of their mind, body, and soul. 
Since 2016 she has taken and been certified in world recognized programs such as: Training for Warrior Lvl 1, Girls Gone Strong – Pre & Postnatal cert., Precision Nutrition Lvl 1, Onnit SteelMace Cert., StrongFirst Kettlebell Cert., Certified Physical Preparedness Specialist, and Pain-free Performance Specialist.
Jess coaches all age groups and fitness levels. She is devoted to her clients success and well being, all the while challenging them to become the best versions of themselves. Jess’ approach is coaching is to be as transparent and authentic as possible. She believes it is vital to create a well-balanced lifestyle with the use of strength training, solid nutritional habits, and mental strength. With that she believes anyone is capable of achieving their fitness dreams. 

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