Kenzie is a holistic health coach, fitness & movement specialist, flexibility coach, and former
collegiate athlete who is passionate about empowering athletes to live and be their happiest,
healthiest selves, and achieve their goals.

Her workouts are written with intention and designed to leave clients feeling energized,
confident, strong, and connected. Whether the goal is to achieve a collegiate scholarship, keep
up with the kiddos, lose weight, or anything in between, she has the knowledge and skillset to
help you achieve your best.

She simplifies healthy living (working out, nutrition, etc.) and makes it easier to understand. No
diets. No random programs that are boring and hard to stick to. She believes that it’s not
necessarily the number on the scale that counts, but how you feel— strong, energetic,
revitalized, clear minded, etc. She helps you remove distraction and tune into yourself, so you
can make the best decisions for your body and health. Plus, she is a firm believer that fitness
should be fun!

In addition to having a B.A. in Health Science from Carroll College in Helena, MT, Kenzie is a
Institute of Integrative Nutrition certified health coach, NASM certified personal trainer, ACE
certified group fitness instructor, Row House certified indoor rowing coach, certified Barre Above
instructor, Pain Free Performance Specialist, and certified kids yoga teacher.

Her mission is to help those who are willing to listen to their body, establish sustainable health, 
and relentlessly pursue their goals.

A few fun facts about Kenzie:

  • She was born and raised in Livingston, MT & moved to Seattle in 2016
  • She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease (an autoimmune thyroid condition) in June 2021
  • She has 2 dogs— Sherman, an 8 year old golden retriever, and Sitka, a 12 year old Siberian

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